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Michael Clifford Imagine

It all started when you turned on the TV, you had decided to have a constructive day and clean the house so you had turned the TV on so you can listen to the music channel as you danced around the house in your jogging bottoms with your hair in a messy bun pretending you were performing to millions

You weren’t paying much attention to the music videos on the screen, you were just singing along and getting house work done

It was in the evening once you had finished all your work and had decided to relax on the sofa with a cup of tea and your laptop that you found yourself singing to a catchy tune you had heard on the TV earlier
"She looks so perfect standing there in my amercian apparel underwear" You muttered to yourself, tapping away on your keyboard as you messaged a friend on facebook, this tune had been in your head all day and you had no idea who the artist of the song was so you decided to google the song to see if there was any other good songs to listen to by the same person, it turned out the song was by a band called ‘5 seconds of summer’ consisting of Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael

As soon as you saw the name ‘Michael Clifford’ you instantly clicked on the link, you had once dated a guy with the same name, this was a few years ago but it was the best relationship you had ever had and there it was, in black and white, Michael Clifford from Norwest Christian collage

Your Michael

And in that moment your heart skipped a beat, you had never thought about where Michael was now, you had never picked up the phone to see how he was, when your relationship ended, you never really spoke again - there was no reason to, he left school to start a band so you never saw each other - that was the reason you broke up and to be honest, you never really thought he would get anywhere but here you were, alone in your house singing his song and googling your ex boyfriend.

You had never completely forgotten Michael, you never could, there was a special part for him in your heart and it wasn’t until today when you realised you had never gotten over Michael and all those other boyfriends you had were to replace something you never realised you were missing


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Anonymous: If you lived in Ireland and you had chance to move to Australia would you?

Maybe, I live in the UK so that’s like the same difference with Ireland and Australia, I would love to move to Australia but I overthink so much and i’ll have to make new friends and change everything but it would be such good life experience, It depends really, why do you have the chance to move to Australia?


Ok so I can’t remember which blog this was but someone did this thing where you go onto anon and rant about whatever you want to rant about and it really helped me so I’m going to do it now

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