I feel like  Close as strangers is the deepest song 5sos have wrote because it is literally their life story and I feel like they’re letting us in on a massive part of their life



2015 is only 5 months away, just let that sink in

What the fuck does the sink want now


I’m bored and ships are cool

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Close as strangers

Ashton Six weeks since I’ve been away and now you’re saying everything has changed

"I love you, I’ll be home soon" Ashton spoke softly into the phone as he laid on his bed in yet another hotel room - none the same as back home with you, he wished he could feel you beside him once more but you were now miles apart

You sighed “That’s not good enough, It’s not the same anymore” you spoke quietly into the phone, not wanting to tell Ashton this but you knew you had to be truthful “Everything has changed”

"What do you mean?" Ashton frowned, his voice laced with confused "Its only been 6 weeks" He said, he knew things would be hard but he had never thought everything would change in the space of 6 weeks

"6 weeks will turn into 10 weeks and 10 weeks will turn into 4 months and 4 months will turn into half a year - its never going to be the same" You explained, you wanted to see the positive side of things but how could you? You felt like there was no positive

"Its just a few months, Everything will go back to normal soon" Ashton said and he knew you was already questioning his words like they didn’t mean a thing "I promise" He added and weakly smiled, this would all be worth it when he gets to see your face again

Calum Another timezone taking me away from you

It was 4am where you was in your country, laying in phone asleep when your phone rang and Calums name flashed onto the screen, you groaned – you hated being woken up and Calum knew this but you answered the facetime because it had been ages since you had seen him

“Y/N” He grinned, holding the phone up so you could see his face, you managed a smile, trying not to look as sleepy as you felt “Oh, sorry did I wake you?”

“Its fine, Cal” You smiled at the camera to reassure him

He sighed and rubbed his face with his hand “Sorry, I forgot about timezones” He muttered, it was midday where he was and he had completely forgotten to check what time it was back home

You two spoke together, exchanging whats been happening in your lives and you realised Calum was only going to get bigger and everything will get too much, he would forget about you but Calum knew he wouldn’t and as you fell asleep while facetiming him, he knew that even though timezones were keeping you two from each other, you would always be the one

Luke On the phone I can tell that you want to move on, through the tears, I can hear that I shouldn’t have gone

“Are you crying?” Luke asked you as he spoke softly into the phone to you, you two had been on the phone for about an hour talking about how life has changed, how it will never be the same

You shook your head even though you knew he couldn’t see you and you were glad about that because he would know you were lying if he saw you “No” You lied, wiping away a tear as it fell down your face

Luke sighed, he knew you were and he knew the stress of being apart had really got to you, he knew just by your cries that you wanted to move on, that was obvious and he hated that he was keeping you back “I’m sorry”

“What for?” You asked, frowning in confusion, what did he have to be sorry for?

“I shouldn’t have left you, I shouldn’t of gone” Luke said, this was true, if he hadn’t of gone then you two would still be together and you wouldn’t be trying to move on

Michael six months since I went away and I know everything has changed but tomorrow I’ll be coming back to you

It killed Michael to think that you two would be in the same town again in less than a day yet he wouldn’t wake up next to you like he would normally if he had never left.

As the plane flew across the world getting closer to you every second, he couldn’t help but be scared, everything had changed now so what if your feelings had changed? What if you had found someone else? After all it had been 6 months, he wouldn’t of blamed you if you had moved on

“Nearly home, mate” Ashton smiled at Michael as he stared out the window “Are you excited?”

“Yes” Michael replied, he was excited to see you again after 6 months of only late night texts and phone calls, tomorrow would be the day he had waited for all this time.

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