Michael was being interviewed this morning and you worked at the radio station where he currently was, You came in late one day and as soon as you entered the room, Michael couldn’t stop looking at you

"I’m so sorry I’m late" You explained, rushing into the room and closing the door behind you as you brushed your hair out of your face "My alarm didn’t go off so I woke up late and then my car wasn’t working so I had to get a taxi-" You explained, speaking really fast, You had not realized Michael Clifford looking at you

"Its alright, We all have bad days" Your co-worker who was currently interviewing Michael said "Erm, Michael this is Y/N"

Michael didn’t say anything, Even though you thought you looked awful, Michael had over ideas and for the rest of the interview, he couldn’t stop looking at you, Every time you moved, his head moved to follow you 

Maybe today wasn’t all that bad

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